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Sowden Surveys Established 2001

Land Surveyors Melbourne

A successful building project starts with a precise land survey.

Sowden Surveys Pty Ltd - Land Surveyor Melbourne

... is a small professional land surveying company in the Melbourne, specialising in Site Analysis Feature Surveys and Rescode feature surveys and building setouts. We also provide Title Boundary Re-Establishment surveys and Subdivisions which are done by Licensed Surveyors who are contractors to Sowden Surveys.

Our goal is to provide quality surveying to all of our clients within specific timeframes at very competitive prices. This enables your project to continue without interruption and therefore potentially saving you money in the long run.

We can generally be on site within four (4) working days, and final surveying documentation emailed to you within three (3) working days later.

All of our surveys are done by qualified surveyors, and plans are drawn by the same surveyor and/or their assistant who does the surveying fieldwork, thus eliminating the potential for any guess work.

We use the latest surveying computer technology, field and office equipment enabling us to work accurately and efficiently. All drawings are done in Civilcad and AutoCad, maintaining a standardised format that is incomparable.

Land surveying services offered by Sowden Surveys Pty Ltd:

Site Analysis Surveys

Rescode Surveys

Feature and level surveys

AHD height connection surveys

Building setouts

Title Boundary Re-establishment Surveys



Land Surveying

Profossional Land Surveying